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  In 1998, Dr. Mahendra P.Singhal of Hinduism International Ministries came to Suriname, South America and offered an excellent seminar on "Witnessing to Hindus". It was most helpful to the ministry of many who minister to Hindus. 

Shortly after giving that seminar, Dr. Singhal went home to be with the Lord and the ministry seemed to come to an end. 
Consider this:
If the world were reduced to just 5 people, almost one of those would be Hindu! 

Their religion easily penetrates the fabric of North America as many here believe in physical evolution. Hinduism easily walks hand-in-hand with that belief and offers spiritual evolution.

 Dr. Singhal said, "All the old Hindu books, some being older than the Bible, only minister questions and give no answers.
All the answers to all the holy books of all time are found in the Gospel of John!” 

Think about it!

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